$149 – 1 Year New York Medical Marijuana Card

Only Pay if Approved – Guaranteed

Our Right NY is a full service Medical Marijuana Consultation Clinic. We strive to make obtaining a Medical Marijuana License as simple and discreet as possible. Our Representatives and Doctors have many years in the field and a vast knowledge in all aspects of Medical Marijuana.

The Our Right Team has simplified the process of receiving a NY Medical Marijuana Card in to 3 Simple Steps. Completing the steps in a timely fashion will allow you to receive your card and be able to visit a dispensary in less then 24 hours.

Step One

Contact our representatives to have a quick phone screening to make sure Medical Marijuana is the right fit for you. Click “Request A Screening” and provide us with basic information. The form allows you to specify whether to be contacted ASAP or at the time that is most convenient to you. For prompt service you may call or text us at (347) 861-3009.

Step Two

Create a profile on our secure patient site (HIPA-Compliant). The process includes basic contact and medical information. Once completed you will video-conference with one of our Doctors directly through any smart-phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with a camera. Patients who are not approved will not be charged any fee for the consultation.

Step Three

Once you receive the NY Department of Health Certification from our Doctors; you will compete a simple 10-minute process of registering on MY.NY.GOV (NY State Website). The site will provide you with a temporary card immediately. The hard copy of the card will arrive by mail to your residence within 5-10 business days.

Qualifying Conditions

ALS, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Crohn’s Disease, Epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, Huntington’s Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, Parkinson’s Disease, PTSD, Spinal Cord Injury with Spasticity, Any condition for which an opioid could be prescribed.

Additional Symptoms

Severe or Chronic pain, Severe Nausea, Severe or Persistent Muscle Spasms, Seizures, Anxiety, Cachexia/Wasting Syndrome, and Opioid Use Disorder.

Allow us to assist you. We will do what it takes to provide our clients with the highest level of care by assuring a convenient and stress-free quality processing service.

$149 – 1 Year New York Medical Marijuana Card

Only Pay if Approved – Guaranteed

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